Recent Work

During the past year our home in Toronto had a pipe burst and two-thirds of the house was destroyed through flooding. Other life changes have occurred as well. The result? I’ve been without my art studio for more than a year!


It’s important to keep your creativity flowing and exercise your options whenever you can so I’ve compensated by focussing on the “design” side of my life working on landscapes – the implementation of a meadow, retrofitting older landscape projects, joining design teams for other work. In terms of pure “art” I’ve been able to work on a few objects – a willow sculpture, mounting an old lightning rod for display, and some “sketches” of a nearby old barn. I love the cacophony of lines and the way the dissolving barn seems to belong to the sky rather than the land. Here are some examples of creative works sans studio:

UL: meadow planting; UC: barn sketch; UR: interior design; LL: barn sketch; LC: interior design; LR; willow sculpture.